Child I. D.

Bakersfield Masonic Bodies

Child Identification Program

Each year approximately 725,000 children are reported missing in the United States. The Kids ID program gives parents the peace of mind that they are prepared for the unthinkable.

As a resource to California parents, the Masons of California provides free fingerprinting and photo identification for children of all ages. Parents also receive an identification sheet that includes space to record a child's height, weight, eye and hair color,  distinguishing marks as well as an DNA sample (hair and/or nail clipping.) This sheet will be extremely valuable to authorities if a child ever becomes missing or abducted.

The entire process takes only a minute and no information is ever recorded on the computer equipment.

Since the program began in 1998, more than 800,000 California children have received this important documentation.

California Masonic lodges provide this free service in Kids ID booths at fairs, schools and other community events across the state.  

Hi, I’m Suki,

I was told that I was going to be the Child I. D. Ambassador because I like kids so much….. actually, I only like the ones that don’t chase me, and then not all that well.  The truth be known….I have sort of an attitude and don’t like anyone very much.   I’ll come to them when I get good and ready !

The Child I. D. events are staffed by volunteer Masonic members and families that serve without compensation for their time, as well as travel and personal expenses.  They do it because of their unconditional love of children. 

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